Qorvo a leading American semiconductor company; possesses capability of in-house design & manufacturing of high performance RF/microwave systems.  It is a major supplier of and deliver solutions to its clients originating from high growth segments of large global markets encompassing all the way from wireless telecommunications, autonomous cars, wearables and cloud computing to high precision space applications.

On 3rd June 2019, Qorvo announced the launching of two gallium nitride (GaN) based families of power amplifier to serve the Ka-band satcom applications including both domestic and international arena, and X-band based radar applications that extensively make use of phase array systems.

Both of these solutions are capable of combining best- in-class performance spanning essential features like output power, linearity and efficiency in a small footprint that enables agile performance with simultaneous reduction in costs.

QPA2212, the family of power amplifiers to be employed in Ka-band based space applications, has the highest linearity among all the power amplifiers currently available in Industry when it comes to delivering linearity performance against wide-band multi carrier systems. Functioning over a 4 GHz bandwidth from 27-31 GHz Ka-band, the amplifier is capable of providing 20 watts of RF power over the entire bandwidth of operation. The family also consist of power amplifier ICs QPA2211D & QPA2210D yielding 14-watt and 7-watt respectively over the same bandwidth.

But the focal point of performance regarding all these amplifiers is the ability to deliver simultaneous high linearity & efficiency in a single MMIC package that drives cost reduction and enhances performance in terms of size & capability. This family of power amplifiers serve a myriad of customer requirements making its components available in both die and packaged versions. The product is set to be launched in market in August 2019.

The other family of power amplifiers QPA1022 developed specifically to serve phase array applications employed in X-band radars. These power amplifiers currently provide best-in-class power added efficiency specifications of 45% efficiency at 4 watts of RF output power spanning the 8-11 GHz bandwidth, marking an increasing of 8% in the efficiency capability compared to the previous products. In addition, the amplifiers also provide 24 dB of large signal gain. This class of amplifiers would prove to be very beneficial for designing higher-density arrays & achieving greater range while remaining in the same power budget. Their high power added efficiency translates into delivering maximum power with little heat generation thus enhancing reliability and reducing costs. This set of amplifiers has also been made available to its customers in both die & packaged forms to meet differing demands.

At the moment Qorvo offers the largest portfolio of innovative products when it comes to GaN-on-Si devices delivering small size, high reliability, high power density and excellent process maturity with volume productions dating back to almost 20 years. These products assist their customers to design flexible systems that allow improvements in efficiency and operational bandwidth without compromising on foot-print size and cost.